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Graduate School Information Session

情報理工学院情報工学系 大学院説明会(4/20 & 5/11)

情報理工学院情報工学系 大学院説明会(4/20 & 5/11)

4/20(土) (大岡山)と5/11(土)(すずかけ台)に開催される,情報理工学院(情報工学系)の大学院説明会に当研究室も参加します.




Our lab will join the information sessions for prospective graduate students of the School of Computing on April 20 (Sat.) at the Ookayama campus and May 11 (Sat.) at the Suzukake-dai campus.

For details, please refer to each page (University, School of Computing).

A poster will be displayed at the Ookayama session (4/20) and our lab will be open to the public at the Suzukake-dai session (5/11). The Suzukake-dai session will be held in conjunction with the Suzukake Science Day.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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